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A boutique Conservative congregation where everyone counts.

Temple Beth Israel Mechirat Chametz Form 5782

Since it is prohibited to possess Chametz during Passover, any Chametz left un-disposed must be appropriately stored and symbolically sold to a non-Jew. All such Chametz, as well as all Chametz utensils that were not made “Kosher for Passover”, should be stored away and the storage area should be locked or taped for the duration of the holiday. In order to appoint Rabbi Hector Epelbaum as your agent in selling your Chametz, the following form must be submitted electronically before Wednesday, April 13, 2022,  or signed and mailed to

You will be able to use the Chametz stored in your property after Sunday, April 24, 12:00pm.

This Form must be submitted before Wednesday, April 13, 2022


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