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Religious Studies Program


Temple Beth Israel Religious Studies Program strives to create an observant Conservative Jewish learning community with a purpose of conveying appreciation for the joy and richness of Jewish life. Our goal is to provide individualized instruction and small group study.

Classes are available for children ages Kindergarten through Bar Mitzvah.


Our Vision at Temple Beth Israel Religious Studies

The vision of education at Temple Beth Israel Religious Studies is to create an observant Conservative, Jewish learning community with an overreaching purpose to convey appreciation for the joy and richness of Jewish life.

By creating a positive informal and fun Jewish learning environment for students and their families and teachers, they can successfully make connections between tefillah, song, mitzvoth and midot (good character values)–and can incorporate them into their daily lives and lead to a lifelong pursuit of Jewish learning.

The vision of education at Temple Beth Israel Religious Studies is also to foster a love and appreciation of the Hebrew language, and a recognition and appreciation of one’s place in Jewish history – all in order to create the future leaders of the Jewish community.

Through integrated educational experiences, our Religious Studies Program hopes to instill enthusiasm-for, and a desire to spend more time in Israel in any of many capacities as well to develop a sense of pride in one’s Jewish identity and a passion to advocate for it.

Our hope is that our students know that the synagogue is a safe place where they can explore their identity and beliefs and that Temple Beth Israel is a place where they can feel comfortable and know that we will always be there for them.


The following outlines key objectives/activities within our program areas and levels. Within each area, we provide the individual student with best tools for learning using a classroom teaching style specifically tailored to meet the student’s individual learning needs.

Objectives for our Hebrew Program:

  • Prayer reading with comprehension
  • Public prayer performance and ability to participate in services

Kindergarten and First Grade

  • Students are introduced to Hebrew letters and vowels
  • Students demonstrate that Hebrew is read from right to left
  • Students read single syllable letter vowel combinations
  • Students develop a basic cultural vocabulary
  • Students enjoy the one to one student-teacher ratio

Second Grade

The curriculum has been designed to ease your student through the acquisition of Hebrew reading skills. The program inspires and encourages the student to want to learn more, and instills in her or him a sense of pride and joy in his/her knowledge of Jewish cultural vocabulary.

Third Grade – Fifth Grade

  • Students read fluently and comprehend prayers
  • Students understand the main ideas of the prayer
  • Students identify key siddur words and phrases
  • Students understand core Jewish value
  • Students lead Friday night and Shabbat morning services according to their class curriculum

Prayers taught in each grade

Third Grade

  • Shalom Aleichem, Sim Shalom, Ein Keloheinu, Baruch Sheamar, Baruchu Brachot over food
  • Torah Blessings: Section of the Amidah, Modeh Ani and Brachot for Mitzvot

Fourth Grade

  • Shema, V’ahavta, sections of the Amidah, Ahavah Rabbah, Kiddush, Torah Service, Ashrei, Aleinu, and Adon Olam

Fifth and Sixth Grade

  • Mah Tovu, Ahavat Olam, L’cha Dodi,
  • Yotzer Or, sections of the Amidah, Mizmor L’David, Haftarah blessings, Kaddish and Yigdal


  • Hebrew Reading and Tefillah
  • Holidays
  • Parshat HaShavuah
  • Mitzvot
  • Tzedakah
  • Israel
  • Prayer
  • Holocaust Education
  • Activities (Working with the Rabbi, Family program and Friday Night Services)

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Students show off the Passover Pillows that they made.


TBI’s Religious Studies Students and Teachers Help Celebrate Hanukkah, 2010.